Volunteer Opportunities

BBC can function and accomplish its goals only with the volunteer efforts of its members. There are many dif­ferent projects you can help with. Time commitments vary from a few hours a year to a few hours every month. Many tasks require no special skills, only a willingness to help.

Newsletter Producer. Work with the Newsletter Editor to solicit and edit material and produce the BBC News­letter. Desktop publishing skills are helpful but not essential; if you have basic computer skills and you’re will­ing to learn more, please talk with us! The newsletter is produced twice a year (usually March and Septem­ber). Help us keep BBC’s main contact with its members vital!

Apprentice Webmaster. Work with BBC’s Web site coordinator to update and polish our Web site, and even­tually take over as BBC’s Webmaster. Basic knowledge of Web design would be helpful.

Publicity Coordinator. Help us get the word out! Work with Board members, event organizers, the Webmas­ter, and our local media to let people know about BBC events and issues. You’ll need good writing skills and access to a computer; interest in developing and maintaining connections with our local media would be a plus.

Trail Maintenance and Repair. Assist in keeping trails cleared and maintaining trail structures. Get outdoors and enjoy some time with others who love FLCA.

Plant Pullers. Help to control invasive plant species.

Snow Plowing. BBC needs someone with a snow plow who can regularly plow the parking lot at the North Farms Entrance to FCLA.

Educational/Recreational Program Planner. Help to organize Walks and Talks programs.

BBC Board of Directors and Committees. Join one of these groups which guide the management of FLCA and its resources.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, or if you’d like to discuss other ways you can help, please get in touch with Jim Reis (reis13@comcast.net, 586-0567).

Check out our Events page for information on upcoming work days. If you do participate in a Work Day, please be sure to fill out the Northampton Conservation Commission’s Volunteer Release Form. To get information on upcoming Work Days and other events, please join BBC or sign up for email alerts.