Financial Contributions

Donate to BBC

The Broad Brook Coalition (BBC) is a federally registered [Section 501 (c) (3)] non-profit corporation that is operated exclusively by local community volunteers.  It is also a public charity approved by the Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Therefore, financial contributions (with no consideration received) are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by current tax codes. BBC’s EIN (tax ID) is 04-3034438 .

Contributions may be made either to:

1) the BBC general operating fund for purposes such as trail mapping and maintenance, renewal of native habitats, removal of invasive species, and producing publications, or

2) The BBC land acquisition fund to help the City of Northampton with its efforts to increase the area protected by the Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area.

Memorial donation or those in honor of special individuals or events are gratefully accepted.

Checks should be made payable to Broad Brook Coalition

and sent to:

Broad Brook Coalition
P. O. Box 60566
Florence, MA 01062

Employees of UMass Amherst

Employees of UMass Amherst are able make donations to BBC via a payroll deduction. Faculty and staff can allocate donations to local non-profits through the University of Massachusetts Community Campaign (UMACC). To do this, visit the UMACC website. To set this up, UMass Amherst employees will log into UMACC and then search charities for “broad brook“. The UMACC website is located at