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  • Sat

    Walk: Woodcocks at Dusk

    6:30 pmMeet at Cooke Avenue entrance
    Walks & Talks

    Woodcocks at Dusk
    Led by Nora E. Hanke
    Saturday, March 25: 6:30–8:30 p.m.
    (if steady rain, changed to March 26th)

    Meet at Cooke Ave. entrance to Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area
    (at the former Moose Lodge; park to the right)

    Come join us on this evening search for the timberdoodle, "mysterious hermit of the alders, . . . recluse of the boggy thickets, . . . wood nymph of crepuscular habits" (Arthur Cleveland Bent). Of course we mean American Woodcocks, curious-looking, ground-nesting woodland birds that are most evident at this time of the year during their spring courtship. We have a high chance for success on this date, and if you have not heard or seen the male woodcock's "sky dance," you will have an extra thrill in store. Be prepared for a substantial walk, about 1.25 miles each way (to and from Cooke's Pasture), with the return trip in the dark, in potentially wet, muddy conditions. A flashlight with a red filter can help you find your way without spoiling your night vision. Children able to remain quiet for our observation are welcome.

    This free event is supported by Broad Brook Coalition.

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  • North Farms Rd. entrance is off Bridge Rd., N. off Mountain St. or N. Maple St. in Florence.
  • Cooke Avenue entrance is off Hatfield St., which runs behind the WalMart/Big Y shopping center, to the end of Cooke Avenue (former Moose Lodge). Park only on the right side.
  • Coles Meadow Road entrance is on the eastern end of FLCA, about 0.7 miles from North King Street (Routes 5/10). Park carefully on the street.